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Bingo has been around for a long time, in fact people theorise that bingo was played as early as 1530 in Italy of all places. The game began to travel due to its rising popularity and made its way to Great Britain, France and other European countries in the 18th century.

The origin of the modern version of bingo we in the UK are familiar with is slightly unclear. However it is known that bingo’s popularity began to soar at festival and carnival like attractions which were more than likely from travelling groups who had inherited it directly from Italy or who had simply picked it up as a popular game along their travels.

Then finally the official patent for a modern designed bingo card was granted to Erwin S. Lowe in 1942. The birth of modern bingo had begun.

Now since this time bingo halls had been a common place for communities to gather for conversation, social interaction, fun and if you’re lucky to win some money too!

Although bingo popularity hasn’t stopped in recent years the format in which we play certainly has. Up until 2005 bingo halls were on the rise throughout the UK with major organisations such as Gala Bingo & Mecca Bingo opening up huge bingo halls across the country. Since 2005 however people have gravitated to the online world of bingo, favouring their mobile devices over making themselves mobile.

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