Learn How To Play Bingo: Learn how to play 90, 80, 75 & 30 Ball Bingo

If you need to learn how to play online bingo – then this is the guide for you. Learn how to play 90, 80, 75 & 30 ball bingo, plus find the differences and advantages in each of these games. Best Bingo Bets have already extensively covered a step by step ‘how to play bingo online guide‘ – in this ‘Learn How To Play Bingo Guide’ we will concentrate on the specifics of each variation of online bingo.

  1. Learn how to play 90 Ball Bingo
  2. Learn how to play 80 Ball Bingo
  3. Learn how to play 75 Ball Bingo
  4. Learn how to play 30 Ball Bingo

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Learn how to Play 90 Ball Bingo Game

What is 90 Ball Bingo Game?

The most popular and by far the most played bingo game is 90 ball bingo. Players can enter these games by buying numbered bingo tickets on their favourite bingo site. An online bingo caller calls out numbers 1 through 90 in a random order, if one of these numbers appears on your bingo card or ticket, the player can then cover or ‘daub’ this number. A 1st place winner would be the first player to cover any one straight line, either diagonally, vertically or horizontally. A 2nd place winner covers any two line pattern, and finally, the ‘Full House’ winner covers all 3 lines on their ticket.

Learn everything there is to know about how to play 90 ball bingo game

The most commonly played and traditional game for players in the UK & Europe is 90 ball bingo. If you are from the US or Canada then you be more accustomed to 75 ball bingo, don’t worry too much, the premise of each game is largely the same. Best Bingo Bets believes when you learn how to play bingo that 90 ball bingo is a great place to start.

How to play 90 ball bingo game online?

Players buy cards or tickets to start their game, with random balls drawn by the random number generator (RNG) which is included in the online bingo game engine.
There are a number of factors that distinguish 90 ball bingo, such as;

  • The card is made up of three horizontal lines with nine column
  • Column one contains numbers one to nine
  • Column two contains numbers ten through nineteen, and so on up to 90
  • Each card has fifteen numbers, five on each line

The game is played in three different parts.

  • Players can firstly go for a straight line, you would aim to be the first player to complete a simple horizontal line on your card.
  • Next, players can go for two lines, you will aim to complete two horizontal lines. Which lines you complete doesn’t matter, providing they are on the same card.
  • Finally, players would aim to complete what’s known as a full house, this is where you mark all of the numbers on your card.

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Learn how to play 75 Ball Bingo Game

What is 75 ball bingo

75 ball bingo game is the more popular form of bingo played in USA or Canada and is a slight variation on the more popular 90 ball bingo game. As with 90 ball bingo, players are required to purchase a bingo card or ticket to start the game. A caller then begins to call out numbers from 1 – 75 in a random order, if these numbers appear on a players bingo card or ticket, the player covers that number or ‘daubs’ them. The first lucky person to complete a pre-determined pattern on their card wins the game!

Learn everything there is to know about how to play 75 ball bingo

When you learn how to play bingo online, you will notice 75 ball bingo is very similar to 90, however, 75 ball bingo is more often played in the US & Canada traditionally. If you’re playing from inside the UK or Europe you may be more accustomed to the 90 ball bingo variety, however as mentioned there are few differences, so you can pick up the style quickly. Thanks to the rise of online bingo websites this game is now often played in Europe, the UK & worldwide in general.

How to Play 75 ball bingo online?

Players are intended to purchase cards which already have numbers marked. When the game starts numbers are drawn randomly by the online bingo caller. Every single number read out by the bingo caller will need to be marked on the players’ card.

75 ball bingo differs from other games by a number of variations, including the following;

  • Each card has five horizontal lines available and five columns.
  • Each of the five columns is labeled with a letter spelling BINGO.
  • The first column, which is labeled B, will contain numbers one through fifteen.
  • The second column, which is labeled ‘I’, will have sixteen through to thirty, and so on in the same format.
  • There is a space in the middle of the card that is free with no numbers.

Three parts to the game

The goal of this game is to complete various patterns, there are three main ways to win 75 ball bingo. Players will need to one of the following;

  • 24 numbers
  • A specific pattern
  • A horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

If you are lucky enough to make a line in any direction you will win a prize, however, the game will continue until a player wins ‘full house’ by marking off every single number.

In 75 ball bingo, pattern bingo is often played. This means players are looking to create certain patterns from the numbers outlined at the beginning of the game. There is an almost unlimited amount of patterns that can be called, including letters, circles, and crosses of all types.

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Learn how to play 80 Ball Bingo Game

What is 80 ball bingo?

A relatively recent addition to the online bingo genre, 80 ball bingo is known as a happy medium between both 90 and 75 ball bingo. This is because it’s quicker than a game of 90 ball bingo but more involved than 75 ball bingo.

Nonetheless, the rules are still very similar to other forms of bingo, players will continue to find this easy to understand and master, even if you have never played it before.

Learn how to play 80 ball bingo online

There are subtle differences distinguishing 80 ball bingo from other games such as the following;

  • Each card has four columns and four horizontal lines
  • Each of the columns will be displayed in a different colour
  • Specified patterns, just like 75 ball bingo, are required to be marked off
  • Common patterns that can be made include each of the 4 corners, the central squares or X shapes.

How to win at 80 ball bingo?

There are several different ways to win 80 ball bingo.

  • Players can win by marking off horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines
  • Very similar to 75 ball bingo, players can also win by making various set patters. These winning patterns will be defined before the game starts.
  • As 80 ball bingo shares many similarities to 75 ball bingo, you won’t always find this game on all online bingo sites, but more often you will see this game as its popularity gaining momentum.


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Learn how to play 30 Ball Bingo Game

What is 30 ball bingo?

30 Ball Bingo is by far one of the newest additions to most online bingo sites, this game is short, fast-paced & exciting! This is one of the reasons its often referred to as ‘Speed Bingo’. 30 Ball Bingo has just three rows and three columns, a small 3×3 grid means this game takes almost no time at all, which is why we enjoy it so much! There are no free spaces in this version, for players to win they have to match all the numbers on their grid. The sheer speed of play is what makes this game so appealing, try your hand and see if you enjoy the fast-paced nature and frequent small payouts!

Learn how to play 30 ball bingo online

If you want a fast-paced, animated and exciting bingo game to play, then 30 ball bingo is for you! The action is faster, more regular and that’s what some players enjoy compared to the slower 90 ball bingo.

This is why 30 ball bingo is often known as speed bingo. The reason for this is, with just 30 balls in play the games end very quickly! In our experience there are few online bingo sites that offer 30 ball bingo currently, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it on offer at all!

There are however several of the best online bingo sites that are beginning to offer this game, as it’s popularity increases.

How to play 30 ball bingo online?

The layout of 30 ball bingo, of course, differs to 75 or 90 ball bingo, with 30 ball bingo you will find a small 9 numbered grid, following a 3×3 square layout. The top line of this grid contains three random numbers, from 1 to 10, the middle line is again made up of three numbers, these from 11 to 20, and finally the third row consists of a further 3 random numbers, ranging from 21 to 30.

How to win at 30 ball bingo

30 Ball Bingo is the newest style of bingo available online, many online bingo sites have their own specific rules for the game, however, none of these will impact your understanding of the gameplay. Most of the best online bingo sites do not include winning by creating patterns, the winners are usually the first to complete each & every one of their numbers in order to call Full House.

However there are other online bingo sites that follow something called a step process, this means firstly one line, then two lines, and finally the full house are all each a winner. As you can probably imagine, a player completing one line is relatively easy, and often happens within 5 balls or less being called. This is what makes playing 30 ball bingo so exciting and fast-paced! Remember the computer will do all the marking for you, so you need not worry about missing a call.

Learn how to play Bingo Online Conclusion

Overall when you learn how to play bingo online there are many factors that will affect your overall experience. Read through our full ‘how to play bingo online guide‘ to understand how you can find the best bingo sites, the best bingo bonuses and how to increase your chances of winning bingo online. Happy gaming!

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