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Not only does Best Bingo Bets bring you all the latest bingo reviews and top rated bingo sites from 2018, we also show you how to get the most bang for your buck with all the latest bonuses, reviews and tips with the best how to play bingo online articles! Learn the bingo lingo, how to find the latest bingo sites & how to maximise your bingo winnings.
This is where we will post our instructional bingo guides from 2018; starting with choosing the best online bingo sites, finding the best bingo bonuses, discovering the bingo lingo and learning how to play bingo guides.


Bingo Lingo Guide: All 90 Bingo Number Funny Call Origins

Best Bingo Bets is happy to present you an exhaustive list of all 90 bingo calls, including rhyming bingo calls, local bingo calls & more worldly bingo calls. This is an ultimate guide to Bingo Number Call Origins! We can’t find a more complete list of all 90 bingo calls online anywhere. If you know any we’re missing, or have your own suggestions then please let us know.


Learn How To Play Bingo: Learn how to play 90, 80, 75 & 30 Ball Bingo

Learn everything there is to know about playing bingo online, including 90, 80, 75 & 30 ball bingo variations. Understand the rules, differences between these games and how to increase your chances of winning. When you learn how to play bingo online there are many factors that will affect your overall experience. Read through our full ‘how to play bingo online guide‘ to understand how you can find the best bingo sites, the best bingo bonuses and how to increase your chances of winning bingo online.

how to play bingo guide 2018

Best ‘How to Play Bingo Online’ Guide

In this article you’ll find tips and useful information about What TO do and what NOT to do when Playing Online Bingo. We show you how to find the Best Online Bingo Sites 2018, sites with the biggest bingo bonus, how to claim the most from your deposit & how to maximise your winnings. This is the ultimate guide on how to play bingo online in 2018, from recognising bingo patterns, to understanding the difference between a no deposit free spins bonus to a matched deposit bonus. Read now to increase your chances of winning bingo online!