Best ‘How to Play Bingo Online’ Guide

In this article you’ll find tips and useful information about How to Play Bingo Online; What to do and what NOT to do when playing online bingo. Learn how to find the top bingo games, find out which bingo patterns to use, and where to find the best types of online bingo bonuses. Finally, we present an advanced bingo strategy to win at bingo online.

  1. What to Do and what NOT to do when Playing Bingo Online
  2. Top Bingo Online Games
  3. Top 10 Bingo Patterns and what are they
  4. Most popular types of Online Bingo Bonuses
  5. Advanced Strategy for Online Bingo

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How to Play Bingo Online Guide

The ultimate guide on how to play bingo online will explain everything you need to know about playing bingo from start to finish, from finding the best bingo websites, registering an account, to maximising your winnings. Let’s begin!

The first step, is to register yourself on your favorite bingo site, don’t know which bingo site has the best offers? Check our top 10 best bingo sites. All the casinos that Best Bingo Bets works with are trustworthy, longstanding and with a good reputation. The very basic type of bingo registration requires you to enter a name or nickname to differentiate you, and a valid email address so you can be contacted.

Once you have completed step one in our bingo guide, successfully registering, you will sometimes be given a random card automatically, on most sites you can play up to 50 cards at a time. The numbers will then be called between 1 and 90, you simply need to match these numbers with those on your cards.

Now pay attention at this stage, once you successfully make your desired pattern of numbers, you will win the game. You just need to concentrate on the display board when numbers are called because when you have made the right pattern, you can call (or shout as we prefer) BINGO and win the prize money allocated to your game. Seems simple enough right? Keep reading our best bingo guide to find everything  you need to know about playing bingo online.

1. What to Do and what NOT to do when Playing Bingo Online

Playing online bingo is a fantastically fun pastime, but with every enjoyable pastime there comes rules, before you start over analysing, that’s not a bad thing! Every successful business or game has a set of rules or guidelines to adhere to and this is what makes it safe and credible. A simple and likely most important rule is – do not exceed your budget. Here are Best Bingo Bets what to do and what not to do when playing bingo online.


What to do when playing bingo online

Play Bingo Online for Fun

Bingo is and always should be played to have fun! What’s not fun is being unaware of how to play bingo depositing more money than you need to whilst learning. You may be wondering if you can play bingo without spending any money? The answer is yes! Many, many of the bingo sites we promote offer new player welcome bonuses with no deposit required, this means you can enjoy all the fun & excitement of playing your favourite games without depositing your hard earned cash.

Read the rules first and remember to follow them

This may seem like obvious advice but it can be all too easy to begin playing bingo online without reading and fully understanding the rules. Not only does every bingo game have their own rules, each bingo company & each network operate their own set of guidelines. Knowing these rules won’t only help you stay within your limits it may actually help your chances of winning money online.

Familiarise yourself with all the relevant bingo rules. Remember it only takes once to understand the general rules and after that the online bingo world is your oyster!

Remember the rules are put in place for a reason, so follow them! There can be many rules, so it is always worthwhile to take the time to understand them. One such rule is the minimum spend limit before withdrawals can be made!

Be Polite

It is always important to stay polite when playing any online game, don’t push the boundaries, respect them. Many of the best online bingo sites offer a live chat option to speak to your fellow players, this is a place to socialise, learn from the pro’s and celebrate your online winnings!

ultimate-bingo-lingo-guideLearn The Lingo

Take time to learn the bingo lingo. When playing bingo online most reputable websites have a live bingo chat option. Here you will quickly see other bingo players using all types of abbreviations, without knowing what these mean it can quickly get confusing! Take the time to learn these phrases and you can get stuck in. Most of the best online bingo sites have their own bingo lingo guides, if in doubt read our bingo lingo guide now!

Claim The Bonuses

Claiming your bingo bonuses: This is one of the most important rules to remember so get into the habit. The best online bingo sites will offer new players all types of incentives including; bingo welcome bonuses; no deposit bonuses, free spins no deposit bonuses and even cash prizes & holidays! These bonuses are great but only if you claim them, check your account notifications, your account inbox or any in-game chat for these great gifts. What’s more, some bingo bonuses can be time sensitive such as the Cozy bingo sites on the Live Bingo Network, all Cozy bingo sites gift their new players up to £3,000 in free bingo, but remember this lasts for your first 7 days only.

Join Chat Games

Chat rooms aren’t just for socialising and chatting with friends, competitions can be played here too! Do not forget to check the chat games and rules so you don’t miss these hidden bingo bonuses.

Make Withdrawals

When you are lucky enough to win, don’t forget to withdraw your loot! This may seem obvious to the most experienced player, but some players never do! Remember, winnings come just as easy as they are lost, there is no advantage to keeping winnings in your bingo account, and almost never any penalty for how often you withdraw OR deposit. Get those winnings in your bank account where they belong.

Try All the Games

Bingo isn’t the only game on offer online, even on online bingo sites! Remember variety is the spice of life and can bring a refreshing change to online gaming, stuck on a losing streak, take a break and come back to something new!

Check Social Media

Social media is taking over the world, so embrace the change! Remember there is no quicker way to receive the latest bingo bonuses than on the website Facebook page. Many bingo sites update their bonuses on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis in some cases. Best Bingo Bets Facebook page sometimes give away free bonuses. Check the page daily to stay up to date with what is happening at your bingo home.

Looking at a screen for long periods of time can damage your eyes, even an hour at a time. Remember to take regular breaks from your PC or mobile device. Stand up, leave the screen for a few minutes to stretch your legs. When you return to the bingo game, you will feel refreshed.


What NOT to Do


A very important rule, never exceed your budget! This may seem obvious but an incredibly simple way to ensure you follow this rule, set your budget before you register on any bingo site. Trust us, not only will you feel more safe, you will actually enjoy the habit of walking away when you have enough.

Give Personal Information or Bank Account Details

As with all social platforms online these days, you never know who may be watching, if you wouldn’t broadcast the information to your neighbour, down the shop or in the street, it is probably best you don’t post it on a chat room!

Always refuse to give private information, this includes your address, bank details, or even your real name. Not only is it against the rules to display, broadcast or post your bank details, it may even get you banned! The best online bingo sites like to keep you secure and these are the rules that are not to be ignored.

Refresh the Page

Do not, we repeat DO NOT refresh the page, especially when depositing funds! If you press F5 or a refresh button, the bingo payment processor may deposit your funds twice. No matter how tempting, avoid using the back key too, this can also result in funds being deposited twice. Take your time, relax and wait for the site to process your deposits and withdrawals in a timely manner.

Stay Online Too Long

An hour at a time! Get up from your desktop or mobile device, make yourself a drink, stretch your legs and return to your game. A refreshed player is a better player.

Give Away Chat Bonuses

The bingo chat host can and will reward you or other players with bonuses if you win chat games, some opportunistic players may even ask for these bonuses.  However tempting, always decline these requests. Some chat hosts will give players bonuses at their discretion, firstly don’t demand a bonus because it’s unlikely to work! Also do remember, a player who begs for your bonus or help with their account funds, may actually have more than enough! Stay strong with your funds.

Show Off, Be Rude or Argue

When you are playing bingo online, winnings come and winnings go, as with anything we have could days or bad! This is NOT, we repeat, NOT an excuse to be rude to other players.

If you are having an off day, funds are dwindling and with no winnings in site, it is easy to become disgruntled at the game. This is absolutely fine, but do not vent your anger at other players or the bingo host, that’s never going to win you any prizes from a bingo host!

These rules also apply when you are having a good day too! When counting your winnings remember not to boast or appear arrogant to other players, it will not be well received! Would you want someone gloating when you’re on a losing streak? Exactly. Be respectful and players may offer you more than just good advice.

Abuse Customer Support

Please never be rude or disrespectful to the chat hosts, these people are paid by the bingo sites to keep your games regulated, and provide assistance when you require it. Chat hosts will always do their best to help you, as happy customers keep them in a job!

2. Top Bingo Online Games

Although most online bingo games are very similar, there are subtle differences that need to be learnt to play effectively. It can be important for players to distinguish between a variety of bingo styles, as well as having a firm understanding of the rule sets when they are betting.

The main types of game are:

  • 90 ball bingo game
  • 75 ball bingo game
  • 80 ball bingo game
  • 30 ball bingo game

Different games have become synonymous with different countries over the years, with the rise of online bingo popularity all the available bingo types have gained worldwide interest. The majority of online bingo centre around one of the above-named styles. Most games are from the traditional 90, 75 and 80 ball varieties, with 30 ball being a relatively new addition online. The numbers are simple and relate to the numbers of squares on the bingo card .

Straight line pattern games

Commonly bingo games are played by finding corresponding ball numbers read out that are on your sheet. However, there are online bingo varieties that revolve around patterns. These types of games allow players to win by simply matching patterns on their bingo cards, horizontally, vertically and even diagonally.

Shape pattern games

Similar to straight line pattern games, shape pattern games allow players to win by making specific shapes on their bingo card.  The shapes that win you prizes are announced before the games start, so don’t fret, there are lots of different winning shapes, including triangles, crosses, squares and more.

Letter pattern games

Similar to the above two pattern games with an alphabetical twist, match the numbesr called out on your card to make the shape of letters in the alphabet.


In this version, players are expected to match all the numbers on the board, this is why it sometimes is known as a ‘coverall’. These games, of course, can take longer to complete and can become very involved. Blackouts can be a common tournament bingo online game.

90 Ball Bingo Game

The most popular and by far the most played bingo game is 90 ball bingo. Players can enter these games by buying numbered bingo tickets on their favorite bingo site. An online bingo caller calls out numbers 1 through 90 in a random order, if one of these numbers appears on your bingo card or ticket, the player can then cover or ‘daub’ this number. A 1st place winner would be the first player to cover any one straight line, either diagonally, vertically or horizontally. A 2nd place winner covers any two line pattern, and finally the ‘Full House’ winner covers all 3 lines on their ticket.

75 Ball Bingo Game

75 ball bingo is the more popular form of bingo played in USA or Canada and is a slight variation on the more popular 90 ball bingo game. As with 90 ball bingo, players are required to purchase a bingo card or ticket to start the game. A caller then begins to call out numbers from 1 – 75 in a random order, if these numbers appear on a players bingo card or ticket, the player covers that number or ‘daubs’ them. The first lucky person to complete a pre-determined patter on their card wins the game!

80 Ball Bingo Game

A relatively recent addition to the online bingo genre, 80 ball bingo is known as a happy medium between both 90 and 75 ball bingo. This is because its quicker than a game of 90 ball bingo, but more involved than 75 ball bingo.

Nonetheless the rules are still very similar to other forms of bingo, players will continue to find this easy to understand and master, even if you have never played it before.

30 Bingo Game

30 Ball Bingo is by far one of the newest additions to most online bingo sites, this game is short, fast paced & exciting! This is one the reasons its often referred to as ‘Speed Bingo’. 30 Ball Bingo has just three rows and three columns, a small 3×3 grid means this game takes almost no time at all, which is why we enjoy it so much! There are no free spaces in this version, for players to win they have to match all the numbers on their grid. The sheer speed of play is what makes this game so appealing, try your hand and see if you enjoy the fast paced nature and frequent small payouts!

New Player Exclusive Bingo Games

When you register as a new player player on many of the best online bingo sites, you may be granted a free bingo welcome bonus, this means you have unrestricted access to an exclusive bingo room, in this room you will find free bingo games being played. However, even though these exclusive bingo rooms are free to play, many of the best online bingo sites allow you to win real cash prizes! These are most certainly worth your while exploring, when registering on new bingo sites remember to check your inbox for bonuses or instructions on how to enter these free bingo rooms. 

Bingo Jackpot Games

When registering to a new online bingo site, Bingo Jackpot games are often readily available, it is here you are offered a unique prize of a large cash jackpot payout to all players who manage to call house in accordance with their specific bingo jackpot game rules.

Bingo Chat Games

Bingo chat games are certainly not to be ignored, many players look to play in solitude and ignore or even turn off the in-game chat! Playing alone can be fun, but entering and engaging in online bingo chat rooms can offer you the chance at even more winnings. Even if you’re not looking to chat, keep an eye on the chat rooms to find out when these chat games are being played and find how to claim lots of additional bingo prizes.

Free Play Bingo Games

Even after registering on some of our best bingo sites, you may be granted occasional access to free to play bingo games. As the name suggests you are not charged anything for taking part but often they allow you to win real cash prizes! Remember to check your notifications and bingo chat rooms to find out when these free bingo games are played.

£15 Free No Deposit Bonus

Link Bingo Games

Link bingo games are brilliant, many bingo sites play on the same network, for example Cozy games on the Live Bingo Network. These are many different free to play bingo sites that are under the same umbrella. What makes this so great? Link Bingo Games gather many players from different online bingo sites and pool them together into one big bingo game! This doesn’t mean more competition, this means the prizes are also pooled together for massive prizes.

Progressive Bingo Games

Progressive Bingo Games are a great way to up the excitement when playing bingo online. When playing this game the jackpot prize keeps increasing until one player manages to call house in a particular number of bingo balls, however, if nobody calls house within that particular set number of balls, the jackpot rolls over to the next progressive game. This is a simple game that can regularly end in massive cash prizes!

Friday Night Special Bingo Games

Who doesn’t love Friday? For most people around the world, Friday signifies the end of the week and online bingo is no different! Many of the best bingo sites offer a special huge paying Friday Night Bingo Game. This particular game will be special because of its massive jackpot, many online bingo sites even guarantee that their Friday night bingo jackpot is one by at least one of the players, maybe more! As with all the bonuses we describe, keep on the lookout on your next Friday night in because these jackpots can be huge!


3. Top 10 Bingo Patterns and what are they

There are many bingo patterns to attempt when playing bingo, the possibilities and variations are almost endless! Firstly there are some known as Static or Standard bingo patters, these are ones that cannot be manipulated, moved or rotated on the card, there are Crazy Bingo Patterns, or Moving Bingo Patters which can be rotated by 90º increments (this can be 90, 180 or 270 degrees) and finally there are Wild Bingo Patterns, this is where the bingo pattern remains still, but can be located anywhere on the card. Here are the 10 most popular bingo patterns.


Single Line Bingo Pattern

The most simple and likely most often pattern to achieve is the single line bingo pattern, many players will aim to call just single line patterns because of this. All that is required is to call house when a line, down, up or diagonally is formed on any single one of your bingo cards or tickets.

BBB-bingo-patterns-02Two Line Bingo Pattern

A number of online bingo games will allow you to win a prize when you are the first player to mark off two simple straight lines. These are of course similar to the above single lined patters, but twice over! Match up two lines either, up, down or diagonally on any one of your bingo cards or tickets.

BBB-bingo-patterns-01.jpgFull House Bingo Pattern

In almost all online games ‘Full House’ is regarded as the top prize, and online bingo is no different. To hit the ‘Full House’ prize simply be the first person to mark off each all of the numbers on any one of your bingo card or tickets.


Four Corners Bingo Pattern

When playing online bingo you will quickly come across the ‘Four Corner’ bingo pattern. As the name suggests you can win this accolade when you have marked each of the four corners of any one bingo card or ticket.

BBB-bingo-patterns-05Big X Bingo Pattern

One more popular bingo pattern is known as the ‘Big X’ Bingo pattern, this requires players to simply mark off each number to create two diagnally forming lines, creating a pattern in the shape of an ‘X’. This means both rows of numbers in a diagonal pattern must be marked first to create this pattern.



Top, Middle and Bottom Pattern

75 ball bingo often has this pattern associated with the game, when playing this game simply be the first player to mark off the very top line of numbers on your card, the middle row of numbers, and finally the bottom row of numbers. Hence the name; Top, Middle & Bottom.

BBB-bingo-patterns-07Outside Edge Pattern

The ‘Outside Edge Pattern’ is another pattern that is popular when playing 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo. To be a winner with this pattern, each and all of the outside numbers on your single bingo card or ticket need to be marked off. If you are lucky enough to be the first player to make this particular pattern, call ‘House’ and you will win the cash prize, if several players create this pattern upon the same number being called, the prize is shared out between each of these players.



Any Four Numbers Pattern

A somewhat less played and rare style of bingo, is the ‘Any Four Numbers’ pattern. This can be a fast paced and quick pattern to achieve, as players are expected to call ‘House’ when they are able to mark off any 4 numbers on any of their bingo cards or tickets. As you can imagine this can happen extremely quickly so keep your eyes down and be ready to win!

BBB-bingo-patterns-09W Bingo Pattern

This is a type of bingo game pattern that is often found when playing 75 ball bingo games, the idea is for players to match the letters on their card or ticket to from the shape of the letter ‘W’ as shown here.


Aeroplane Pattern

Finally we have a lesser used but clearly attractive bingo pattern, the Aeroplane Pattern! As the name suggests players aim to create a pattern, like the one displayed, in the shape of an Airplane. This pattern can be often missed especially if you are playing ‘any way’ bingo patterns where the ‘Airplane’ can be rotated either 90, 180 or 270 degrees!


4. Most popular types of Online Bingo Bonuses

What is a Free Spin Bonus?

Often, a Free Spins bonus is part of a Welcome Bonus Package when registering as a new player on bingo sites, typically a deposit bonus or no deposit bonus is included as well. Free Spins can be rewarded to new players simply by registering as a new player to that particular site, even before any money is deposited. These bonuses are usually included with the first three deposits made, Free Spins may even be included as an added bonus to accompany each deposit made, that’s on top of the initial free spins bonus! Lots of the best online bingo sites will offer free spins as an incentive to join their site. Of course online bingo sites eventually want you to deposit some money, this is where you can typically receive another free spins bonus to make the overall bingo welcome bonus very appealing!

free spins no deposit mambo slots

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

When signing up as a new player to some of the best sites, you can register to play bingo without making a deposit! Some sites want every last bit of personal information before you can even create an account, this includes financial details, DOB and many other bits of information you may be reluctant to share. Nonetheless, many of the most popular online bingo sites, for example, Little Miss Bingo, allow new players to register and play bingo online with no deposit required or without entering bank card details!

These free bingo bonuses can range anywhere from a cheeky £1 to a mighty £20, this free cash is added to your account the moment you sign up. Remember, some sites can be sneaky and stow away these bonuses, you can unlock this free bingo cash by contacting the live help chat, some other sites allow you to claim the bonuses once you enter all the missing details on your account. More often your no deposit bonus can only be spent on free bingo, however, and not slots.

free no deposit required

What does it mean Free Sign up Bonus?

A Free Sign up Bonus is similar to a Welcome bonus, with some subtle differences. A Free Sign up bonus can be described as a prize that is gifted to new players when they register as a new player to their online bingo site, absolutely free! Of course, these bonuses are here to create interest and attraction, as well as giving prospective players the chance to ‘try before you buy’. Some of the best online bingo sites with free sign up bonus include Cozy bingo sites on the Live Bingo Network, these sites grant all players up to £3000 in free bingo for the first 7 days after registering. This is a perfect way to play a bingo site without depositing any money, learning your favourite games, and deciding if you want to deposit money later on.

free bonus no deposit required

What does it mean Welcome Bonus?

Every online bingo you register will offer some type of welcome bonus, otherwise with so many bingo welcome bonuses out there, why would you bother! Be it a free spins bonus, or a deposit match bonus, registering as a new player is the best time to maximize your bingo bonus! Take your time when registering for the first time on any site, as this is the time to claim the biggest online bingo bonus possible.

When you begin playing new bingo sites, you will notice many offer a match or matched bonus, you may wonder what is a match bonus? A match bonus is an amount of free cash or bingo money gifted to you that matches the initial deposit that you make. For example, if you register £10 on a new bingo site that offers players a 100% matched bonus, you will receive your £10 deposited plus an additional £10 by the bingo site! As you can imagine, many bingo sites offer matched bonuses far in excess of just £10, deposit £100 into a bingo or casino site, and receive a massive £100 cash bonus, totaling £200 in available funds.

free spins no deposit mambo slots
You won’t often find bonuses less than 100% in 2018, whereas some sites offer matched deposit up to a staggering 500%. Looking to make a large deposit, this is the time to find the online bingo sites with the biggest matched bonus! However, be aware of the minimum wagering requirements, as well as the maximum cash out amounts when looking for the best welcome deposit bonus, usually found in the T&C’s.

5. Advanced Strategy for Online Bingo

Bingo, along with many forms of playing for prizes online, is a game of chance and luck. Players cannot know the numbers that are going to appear and win big, otherwise, we would all be doing it! Nonetheless, this is part of what makes playing bingo online so much fun. Still, bear in mind there are techniques and tactics you can learn which will improve your chances of winning online.

Pre Buy Games with Big Jackpots

Big Jackpot games are where the really huge prizes are won online, of course you won’t want to miss out on these games but sometimes you aren’t able to enter these rooms when they start. Relax, not all is lost as many of the best online bingo sites allow you to purchase Big Jackpot games days in advance. Pre buy cards are often only available for the biggest jackpot prize games online.

Remember, pre buy cards can be limited on certain bingo sites, and if they are limited these can sell well in advance of the jackpot game, if you’re planning your night in for a big jackpot buy your jackpot cards a week in advance to avoid missing out.


Socializing is, in our opinion, half the fun of playing bingo online! When you become familiar with a particular site or bingo network, you may start to recognise certain regular players. Some players are optimistically chatty, whilst others play in absolute silence, whatever your preferred chatting style you will be made to feel comfortable. If for whatever reason you don’t like a particular players ‘banter’, you can simply hover over or click their name, and press ignore,

Also, if you would like to send a personal message to a particular player you can do this by using the private chat feature. Maybe you want to brag about some winnings to a friend, but not broadcast it to the whole bingo room, this would be the perfect time to use a private chat button. When you first start playing bingo online, you may find socialising difficult because of how fast the bingo caller churns out the numbers, seemingly several numbers at once! Don’t worry as you get more accustomed to the bingo action you’ll be playing, chatting & winning like a pro.

Calculating the Odds

Of course Bingo, as with many online games, is a game of chance, however it is possible to calculate the odds of winning a particular game. Unlike sports betting, or the lottery, there is always a winner, this means players can divide the number of cards they hold by the total number of cards within the game.

If you, the player, has 3 cards for example and there are a total of 100 cards in play, the odds in that game of you winning will be 3%. (Remember the odds of winning the lottery in the UK are approximately 1 in 14 million!) This same system applies in all bingo games. With this insight players can choose only to play games with the odds stacked in your advantage. Less cards, or players, in the game and the odds of you winning increase!

Winning Big

Every player, experienced or inexperienced will develop their own style. Certain players will exclusively play the big jackpot games, utilising all their funds on cards in big money games, thus giving them better odds in the big money games.

Conversely other players try to win little & often, this means playing more regularly on smaller jackpots, winning little & often along the way!

Don’t be a sheep, create your own style and experience what works better for your individual preferences.


Players are Advised to

  • Take regular breaks away from the game
  • Clear their mind with another activity
  • Reconsider and evaluate their strategy
  • Remember not to over commit
  • It’s important to play online bingo with a clear head and focus.
  • Play at Different Times of day

Throughout the day there will be more or less players online. After a long day at work many players like to wind down by playing a relaxing game of bingo, this is naturally a more busy period. There are other busy periods that include work lunch hours around midday, and of course weekends when many people aren’t in work. When there are bigger numbers of players, the odds of winning actually go up with more players increasing the jackpot prizes. The lesson to remember is to vary your gameplay, as other people do, everyone has a preferred time but try playing at different times and recognise when you are more successful.

Potential Pitfalls

Sometimes playing bingo online doesn’t always go as smoothly as we would like, or as trouble free as playing in a local bingo hall. When playing bingo online your internet connection may be slow, the website you’re playing on may be slow, this all depends on your internet connection, the traffic on the site and the time of the day. You can at times be disconnected from a game because of heavy internet traffic, or because the website is under heavy use processing deposits and withdrawals.
Remember in these times to practice patience, the website will almost always come back to life and your game can be continued.

Online bingo players should be aware of their surroundings when depositing your hard earned funds, we only ever promote trustworthy websites at Best Bingo Bets, nonetheless make your own mind up when considering websites.

free spins deposit bonus moon bingo

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